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MC was first starred in a calendar 4 years ago, then was featured in an  international advertising campaing for a fast food chain.  In the following years, her work as a glamour model was published in magazines like FHM and American Curves.
As a former fashion designer, she could use all her experience as a seamstress and costume maker to create distinctive pieces and over the top costumes she presented in her pictures and in conventions.  Her different looks capured the attention of Heroes of the North's producer who offered MC a role in his live action Canadian superheroes webseries. Hornet, MC's character, was also featured in the Heroes of the North comics and had her own action figure done.  MC is still collaborating with artists and companies like Soda Pop Miniatures.  Not only did MC cosplay different Soda Pop characters, but she was also included as a character in 2 of Soda Pop Miniatures games. For the brand new Tentacle Bento card game, Soda Pop even created a miniature of MC's character.
MC's work was also noticed in the medias.  She's frequently featured on radio and TV shows, one of them starring MC in superheroes parody sketches, and she lately made appearences in stand up comic shows.  
She defines herself as a technical cosplayer, first interested in taking challenges and constantly developing new skills.  Cosplay is for her a way to reinvent herself, push past her limits and entertain people. 

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Friday, September 28

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